20yrs of Singing Lessons…

I realised yesterday that this year is my 20th year of taking voice lessons and being an official student of voice!!
I started taking voice lessons when I was 16 and just loved everything I was learning. I discovered Seth Riggs 2yrs later and the first chance I got I was on a plane to go work with him in person and carried on via phone (you know, landlines, like what the dinosaurs used) and worked online with his associates also. I knew I never wanted to stop learning this.
There have been so many struggles along the way, it hasn’t been easy, it’s been expensive and tedious at times. I struggled with terrible allergies that really made it impossible to sing at times. I even had to stop singing for a couple of years they got so bad and my throat was just enflamed and irritated all the time.
I suffered with Lymes disease in my 20s that messed with my thyroid which as many of you know is attached to the larynx and caused all kinds of problems for my voice.
I’ve suffered from a misaligned jaw since I was in my teens, that only got properly diagnosed a few years ago, that has restricted the muscles in my throat and pulled them in the wrong direction for years.
Going through two pregnancies back to back was indeed a whole other struggle in itself when it came to voice but because of pregnancy relaxin hormone my jaw issues got drastically worse and I was left in agony post pregnancy. Singing post pregnancy has been the biggest challenge I would say but because I have such amazing teachers I have been able to keep functioning throughout all the crappies and struggles.
Two more years of visits back and forth to the dentist, osteopath and of course I continue to take my own singing lessons and things are significantly better. I start the next phase of treatment in two weeks. As my jaw continues to adjust in position so does my larynx and all related singing equipment so there will lots of growth to come, re learning and discovery, that I am actually very excited about!
You would think 20yrs of singing lessons I would have it all licked but that has not been my journey. Was it frustrating, yes! Would I change it? No way! I am so grateful for my voice and the gift of singing I have been given. Before I am a voice teacher I am a student of voice and these struggles have made me who I am and also showed me first hand invaluable information about the voice that not many people have had which gives me an upper hand when it comes to teaching.
Seth Riggs always says ‘a good singer is someone who never stops learning’ and boy do I know how much that statement is true.
Remain teachable and curious and you will find great reward.
Happy 20yrs of Voice Lessons to me!!
Kate xx
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