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Our next Workshop Event is

‘What Do I Do With My Hands’ Acting For Singers Workshop

with Rhonda Carlson all the way from Las Vegas!

Sunday 8th of Feb, 1pm – 3:30pm, The Clock Tower, Pro Voice Studios, Bradford.


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We can arrange singing workshops throughout the UK, providing a safe, fun learning environment for groups, choirs and private organisations on request.

Our workshops are centred on vocal technique and vocal health.

Techniques you will learn in a singing workshop:

  • how to sing from low to high as smoothly a possible without straining
  • how to reach high notes securely with ease
  • how to build strength and power into your voice
  • how to balance your voice so you sound consistent in the low and the high
  • how to look after your voice and keep it healthy.

We also provide live demonstrations, giving you the opportunity to participate and hear the differences for yourself in other singers.