Anaïs Mutumba

“At the end of an audition I was told I had ‘a good voice, a good foundation to build on, so I should consider singing lessons’. I did not want singing lessons I thought they were for people who couldn’t sing and I was slightly offended. However, I heard about Kate and decided to give this Institute for Vocal Advancement thing a chance, even though I had no idea what the technique was.

I thought my voice was pretty good initially but looking back now, I know it wasn’t. I like science and so Kate was able to explain the technique very well to me, like the effect it would have on my cords and other things if I didn’t sing correctly, as well as everything I already did well. She even helped me get rid of my acid reflux, which I wasn’t aware of or the effects it was having on my voice.

Kate is such a great teacher and the technique really works. She is committed to learning more, continually learning from the best teachers and therefore she keeps getting better and better as a teacher. I’ve had singing lessons for more than 4 years now and my voice is so much better and stronger I almost don’t recognise it. It’s got so much more power and my range has increased dramatically, allowing me to be able to sing a vast array of songs.

I still have singing lessons because I believe there’s always more to learn. I have and will continually recommend IVA to everyone I meet. Thank you Seth Riggs and thank you Kate for bringing it closer to home and making it more accessible. I’m now part of 2 bands and loving it, and taking my singing further. Things I would never have considered before!”

Anaïs Mutumba Singer, UK August 20, 2014