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After starting sessions with Carol over a year ago, my self confidence has grown dramatically. She has helped me to realise that my negative self beliefs were completely unfounded and were preventing me from moving forward in reaching my full potential. As a business woman, I lived in fear of making the wrong decisions and was working myself into the ground trying to ‘be the best that I could be’.

At the time, my 90 mph approach to work was counterproductive because I was exhausted and had a very negative and self – destructive mentality. Through working with Carol, she has helped me to appreciate my strengths and be aware of my weakness (specifically my perfectionism) so that I can make decisions which are not only best for my business but help me to look after myself in the meantime. My work is far more productive now than ever and I now work to live as opposed to live to work. Carol is amazing!

Jennifer Singer and Teacher September 12, 2014