Luke Nederveen

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It’s been just about a year since I began my lessons with Kate & the progress I’ve made is irrefutably the fastest progress I’ve made in anything in my life. I have a heavy stash of recordings dating back to my earliest days of singing & the difference in my vocal quality and control over the past 12 months is so acute that I barely understand how there was once a time where such problems in my voice existed. Lessons are efficient, effective and thus the changes in my voice have felt rapid and motivating. I’ve had a lot of music teachers in my life, some only for a few lessons, some for a few years & the one fundamental flaw in the majority of these teachers has been what I consider a lack of engagement. Not to the attention of the lesson but to the passion, motivation and emotions of the student. Kate has been there to answers all sorts of questions, she’s always very interested in what’s going on with me,  been at the end of a phone call whilst I’m freaking myself out pre-performance and managed to figure out that I was being vocally debilitated by acid reflux. That’s what I would call genuine engagement… Being a friend as well as a teacher. My goal is to be able to sing how I want to sing, without poor technique getting in my way & with Kate I’m starting to get close.

Luke Nederveen Singer/Songwriter & Music Production Student September 18, 2014