Matthew Hawkyard, Singer/Actor, UK

When I first began singing lessons with Kate I had damaged my voice after taking a singing job on a cruise ship. Having to sing through Illness and using bad technique caused a ‘vocal tear’ on my cords. However, following the fantastic instructions of Kate, after six months I was not only singing better then I had before, but extending and building my range and looking to sing things I would not of even considered.┬áKate is an exceptional teacher who has the ability to help you understand how your own voice works. Rather then just giving you an overall review of the voice in general, you learn how to improve upon your own singing ability and focus on your own specific needs. Most importantly, you learn how to achieve all this safely, keeping your voice as far away from damage as possible. If you require a singing teacher then you can stop looking.’

Matthew Hawkyard, Actor, UK September 26, 2014