Dave Jones

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I would like to recommend Carol Baldwin for her Performance coaching sessions. I have worked with Carol now for 7 years and throughout that time I have learned more than I have ever expected I could.

I have never had a role model in my life as I came from a broken family. I failed within the education sector and began leading a life to which I have no doubt would have lead to me one day being either in prison or worse.

However Carol being the influential, inspirational woman she was from the moment we met, began working with me on what was the beginning of all that I have become today. She encouraged to go for opportunities and helped me to rise the the challenges that brought. For the first time in my life I felt valued and accepted for who I was.

Carol has helped  to develop and equip me to become the leader and team player I have become.

I did struggle being away from the life I had led, I missed family and old friends who were no benefit in making the changes I had made. She taught me how to win friends and influence others around me. It wasn’t until I had got through many problems and over hurdles that I realised just how much she had done for me. Thanks to Carol I have been able to take control of my life and achieved so much. Thank you

Dave Jones Microsoft Employee & Events Management Team Leader September 12, 2014