Nicki Challis

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When I started going to Carol for coaching sessions it was to help me get over a ‘confidence block’ with my singing. Not only did she help me to get over that, but she has also helped me to deal with potentially stressful situations in other areas of my life. The ‘Facility Life Coaching’ that Carol offers not only looks for reasons to explain why people are how they are; she also suggests a range of practical tools that help with everyday problems and worries, all the while looking forward at what I want to achieve in the years to come.

Carol is not only professional, well-qualified and extremely good value for money – she is also warm, friendly and totally accepting of any problem I may bring to her doorstep. After just 3 sessions I am a more confident, calm and optimistic person – I can’t even put a price on that!

Nicki Challis Teacher & Singer September 12, 2014