Elizabeth Carter - Singer / Actress

When I started having vocal sessions with Kate Hollands at Pro Voice Studios I was embarking on my acting career in theatre. Even though I had done several professional acting jobs, I did not have much confidence in my vocal ability. I started having vocal sessions with Kate because I wanted to be able to sing any song I was given in a job with ease and grow my technical singing ability. This would allow me to broaden my scope of acting work and I even dreamt of being in a musical one day. After a year of vocal training with Kate I landed the lead role in the smash hit musical 'Dreamboats and Petticoats'. I received critical acclaim for my vocal work and went on to play the lead in two of Bill Kenwright's musicals, 'Save The Last Dance For Me' and 'Dreamboats and Miniskirts'.

My voice has strengthened in all areas so I can now smoothly cover my range with ease and without breaks. I gained a deep understanding of my voice and how to sing to consistently and move smoothly and from low to high in one, solidly. My schedule is demanding, with eight shows a week on a UK tour so I keep up with my lessons with Kate on Skype every week. This allows me to stay healthy vocally, avoid any bad habits developing whilst still building and strengthening my voice. I am now singing challenging material that I never dreamt I'd ever be able to do.

I love my singing lessons and would highly recommend Kate to anyone wanting to develop their singing ability in any way. The techniques Kate teaches are fantastic and has worked better than any other style of training I have ever tried.

Here are some reviews I have received since I've been with Kate:

The Stage - "Liz Carter does excellent work as a wholesome, sweet voiced but strong Wendy who sings beautifully"

The Chronicle "Her vocals were the strongest and of the highest quality"

The Northern Echo - "a sweet, angelic-voiced Elizabeth Carter"

Elizabeth Carter Actress UK, Dreamboats & Petticoats, Save The Last Dance For Me, Dreamboats and Miniskirts, The Wizard Of Oz September 12, 2014

As a professional, full time singer the demand on your voice is great. On-going lessons are an essential part of my career.
Kate is very good at what she does and helps to keep my voice in shape as well as developing it further. She is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable in her advice and comments and I have noticed my stamina improve greatly night after night.

Damien Walsh West End Actor - Sunny Afternoon, Dream Boats & Petticoats UK Tour, Mountview Graduate November 7, 2016

Scott Haining - Actor / Singer

Kate is a fantastic vocal coach and very friendly! I have been having lessons with her for a few years and she has helped me get my voice to a professional standard. My vocal range, stamina and strength have all improved and increased massively making it possible for me to take on leading roles in two musicals touring the UK. I would and have recommended her to any vocalists looking for professional training.

Scott Haining Actor UK, Dreamboats and Petticoats, Buddy Holly The Musical September 26, 2014

When I first began singing lessons with Kate I had damaged my voice after taking a singing job on a cruise ship. Having to sing through Illness and using bad technique caused a 'vocal tear' on my cords. However, following the fantastic instructions of Kate, after six months I was not only singing better then I had before, but extending and building my range and looking to sing things I would not of even considered. Kate is an exceptional teacher who has the ability to help you understand how your own voice works. Rather then just giving you an overall review of the voice in general, you learn how to improve upon your own singing ability and focus on your own specific needs. Most importantly, you learn how to achieve all this safely, keeping your voice as far away from damage as possible. If you require a singing teacher then you can stop looking.'

Matthew Hawkyard, Actor, UK September 26, 2014

I have found lessons with Kate at Pro Voice Studios so valuable. As well as helping me gain confidence in my own voice, the lessons and exercises have helped to strengthen and protect my voice, increasing my stamina and song delivery. Having the help of Kate during studio sessions has also allowed me to get the best out of my voice when recording. I would definitely recommend Pro Voice studios.

Jock James Singer/Songwriter for ALM:UK & I Am Future September 26, 2014

Charlotte - Singer

I have been having regular lessons with Kate ever since I graduated from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in July 2013. I am now working as a professional vocalist and financially rely entirely on my voice. Having studied vocals for three years I wasn’t sure how to continue developing but Kate helps me to maintain good vocal health whilst building on my technique and ensuring my voice is in excellent condition. I feel my voice has improved a lot since having lessons with Kate and is now a lot more durable and consistent in quality.

Having regular lessons with Kate is a hugely important part of my career as without these lessons I would struggle to perform at a professional standard on a regular basis. Thanks Kate!

Charlotte Haining Charlotte Haining, Singer, UK September 12, 2014

Taking lessons with Kate has been massively helpful for me, it gave me the encouragement and help I needed to start singing live with bands and to begin to properly develop my voice. She made the lessons very natural and relaxed and is really clear in showing what the next step is for growing your singing voice. I would recommend her for sure!

Jon Headley Singer/Songwriter, Lead singer of Modo Stare September 26, 2014

“At the end of an audition I was told I had ‘a good voice, a good foundation to build on, so I should consider singing lessons’. I did not want singing lessons I thought they were for people who couldn’t sing and I was slightly offended. However, I heard about Kate and decided to give this Institute for Vocal Advancement thing a chance, even though I had no idea what the technique was.

I thought my voice was pretty good initially but looking back now, I know it wasn’t. I like science and so Kate was able to explain the technique very well to me, like the effect it would have on my cords and other things if I didn’t sing correctly, as well as everything I already did well. She even helped me get rid of my acid reflux, which I wasn’t aware of or the effects it was having on my voice.

Kate is such a great teacher and the technique really works. She is committed to learning more, continually learning from the best teachers and therefore she keeps getting better and better as a teacher. I’ve had singing lessons for more than 4 years now and my voice is so much better and stronger I almost don’t recognise it. It’s got so much more power and my range has increased dramatically, allowing me to be able to sing a vast array of songs.

I still have singing lessons because I believe there’s always more to learn. I have and will continually recommend IVA to everyone I meet. Thank you Seth Riggs and thank you Kate for bringing it closer to home and making it more accessible. I’m now part of 2 bands and loving it, and taking my singing further. Things I would never have considered before!”

Anaïs Mutumba Singer, UK August 20, 2014

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“As a professional singer I have worked with a great diversity of vocal tutors and Kate is, quite frankly, the best I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She charges less than half of what some other significantly less qualified teachers charge (in my experience) and I’d have her as my full-time coach if my budget allowed. Kate has helped me with every aspect of my voice including pitch, tone, range and sustainability and I am very grateful to have found her. Book her now while you still can!”

Olivia Hyde Lead Singer of Bad Pollyanna August 20, 2014

“I have been taking voice lessons from Kate for over two years now and she has taken my voice from being burnt out with no top end to a stronger more confident voice. I cannot recommend her enough on her teaching skills. She is friendly, professional and committed to getting the best out of her students. As a professional singer who sings on a regular basis, Kate is an invaluable part of my business. She helps me maintain my voice, whilst tweaking faults and constantly helping me improve my technique. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone who is looking for a voice teacher to take their voice to the next level.”

Joel Harding Absolute Funk Band August 20, 2014

“I have always enjoyed singing and always thought I only had a voice fit for the shower.Then I heard about Institute for Vocal Advancement in a workshop that Kate Hollands led. Once I took the simple advice and applied it, I quickly realised that I could have a better voice than I thought possible.
I had a couple of lessons with Kate and my voice felt very different after the first. With that my confidence increased and I moved from being a choir singer with a big mouth to singing solo at events and regularly as a backing vocalist.
Kate is an effective, confident teacher. She explains what she is doing and it all makes perfect sense! I also find the lesson recordings almost as helpful as the original lesson in helping you to lock in what you’ve learned.”

Michael Hollands Singer, UK August 20, 2014

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It’s been just about a year since I began my lessons with Kate & the progress I’ve made is irrefutably the fastest progress I’ve made in anything in my life. I have a heavy stash of recordings dating back to my earliest days of singing & the difference in my vocal quality and control over the past 12 months is so acute that I barely understand how there was once a time where such problems in my voice existed. Lessons are efficient, effective and thus the changes in my voice have felt rapid and motivating. I’ve had a lot of music teachers in my life, some only for a few lessons, some for a few years & the one fundamental flaw in the majority of these teachers has been what I consider a lack of engagement. Not to the attention of the lesson but to the passion, motivation and emotions of the student. Kate has been there to answers all sorts of questions, she’s always very interested in what’s going on with me,  been at the end of a phone call whilst I’m freaking myself out pre-performance and managed to figure out that I was being vocally debilitated by acid reflux. That’s what I would call genuine engagement… Being a friend as well as a teacher. My goal is to be able to sing how I want to sing, without poor technique getting in my way & with Kate I’m starting to get close.

Luke Nederveen Singer/Songwriter & Music Production Student September 18, 2014

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When I started going to Carol for coaching sessions it was to help me get over a ‘confidence block’ with my singing. Not only did she help me to get over that, but she has also helped me to deal with potentially stressful situations in other areas of my life. The ‘Facility Life Coaching’ that Carol offers not only looks for reasons to explain why people are how they are; she also suggests a range of practical tools that help with everyday problems and worries, all the while looking forward at what I want to achieve in the years to come.

Carol is not only professional, well-qualified and extremely good value for money – she is also warm, friendly and totally accepting of any problem I may bring to her doorstep. After just 3 sessions I am a more confident, calm and optimistic person – I can’t even put a price on that!

Nicki Challis Teacher & Singer September 12, 2014

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After starting sessions with Carol over a year ago, my self confidence has grown dramatically. She has helped me to realise that my negative self beliefs were completely unfounded and were preventing me from moving forward in reaching my full potential. As a business woman, I lived in fear of making the wrong decisions and was working myself into the ground trying to 'be the best that I could be'.

At the time, my 90 mph approach to work was counterproductive because I was exhausted and had a very negative and self - destructive mentality. Through working with Carol, she has helped me to appreciate my strengths and be aware of my weakness (specifically my perfectionism) so that I can make decisions which are not only best for my business but help me to look after myself in the meantime. My work is far more productive now than ever and I now work to live as opposed to live to work. Carol is amazing!

Jennifer Singer and Teacher September 12, 2014

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I would like to recommend Carol Baldwin for her Performance coaching sessions. I have worked with Carol now for 7 years and throughout that time I have learned more than I have ever expected I could.

I have never had a role model in my life as I came from a broken family. I failed within the education sector and began leading a life to which I have no doubt would have lead to me one day being either in prison or worse.

However Carol being the influential, inspirational woman she was from the moment we met, began working with me on what was the beginning of all that I have become today. She encouraged to go for opportunities and helped me to rise the the challenges that brought. For the first time in my life I felt valued and accepted for who I was.

Carol has helped  to develop and equip me to become the leader and team player I have become.

I did struggle being away from the life I had led, I missed family and old friends who were no benefit in making the changes I had made. She taught me how to win friends and influence others around me. It wasn't until I had got through many problems and over hurdles that I realised just how much she had done for me. Thanks to Carol I have been able to take control of my life and achieved so much. Thank you

Dave Jones Microsoft Employee & Events Management Team Leader September 12, 2014