Well done for keeping on through Covid19!

We are finally open to in person!! If one things for sure, a world without singing is not a happy one!! Bring on the live vocals!

A big well done to all of you for getting this far! I know many of you lost your income and livelihoods as the music and entertainment industry took such a huge hit. Many of you have had to get new jobs etc. Big well done to everyone that has developed, extended or grown themselves and their business in this time as you have had to innovate! I see it as many of us having to turn lemons into lemonade!

Just to mention a few…

Big shout out to our Beth Pycraft of Got2Sing. When her choirs could no longer meet she managed to make online choirs work and even grew an international online choir. All this at the same time as having a new baby in November! It hasn’t been easy I know, but you have done amazing Beth!


Big shout out to Elizabeth Carter, an actress from Newcastle. When Elizabeth lost all her work she put all her efforts into teaching acting online and putting together a ‘Monologue Success’ Program.


Big shout out to Graham Lindley, a full time musician from Sheffield, who created a podcast series called ‘Playin Art’, interviewing and discussing musicians and artists in a pandemic!


Another shout big out to Emily Lynn, a Backing Vocalist from Essex, when all her work dried up she turned a cupboard into a vocal booth and created a ‘Same Day Backing Vocals’ Service!


There are so many more of you I could mentioned and not to mention all of you that have been able to continue with singing lessons and have taken the opportunity to really grow your skills. I am so proud of each and every one of you!

Welcome back everyone!!!

Kate xx

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